martes, julio 29, 2008

Silverlight Tip of The Day - Vote for The Future Posts

Before I started writing this column, I began writing ideas for future posts and the list seems to grow faster than the daily frequency my posts have. So this is a list of posts in the queue, you can vote for them either by e-mail of leaving a comment.

Because of time constraints I have not been able to post some of the interesting topics.

  • Debugging Tips
  • Deploying
  • Cross Domain Calls
  • Problems Debugging
  • Recommendation of cool tools (for Dependency Injection, AOP, extensions, etc)
  • Model-View-ViewModel Pattern
  • Handling Image Paths
  • Using ASP.NET Providers (Membership, Roles, Profile)
  • Styles and Templates
    • Basics
    • Controls
    • Create a Clean Style for ListBox or ItemsControl
    • Change ListItemStyle
    • Blend and Styles
    • Blend and Templates
    • Visual State Manager
    • Visual State Manager and Blend
  • Blogs I read and cool links
  • Patterns for code reuse between Silverlight and .NET or .NET Compact Framework
  • Patterns for XAML code reuse between Silverlight and WPF
  • Silverlight Unit Testing
  • Test Code reuse
  • Refactoring your ASP.NET code to Silverligtht
  • Changing patterns from ASP.NET to Silverlight
  • Dummy Data and Better Design Experience (See controls with data in Blend)
  • Services and Security
  • Interoperability (JavaScript-.NET)
  • Caching and ClientSide Persistence
  • Silverlight Disconnected Client - Designing for Occasionally Disconnected Systems

Vote for your favorite topics, but remember, they might take a while to appear, If you want to learn a topic for today's project, probably this is not the place and you would be better off in the SL Forum, another blog or reading a book that gets you from a to z, but this can be an useful resource to learn SL a step a day or find some hidden tricks.

The idea of this column is it to be something simple and a quick daily read. Something won't take you more than 5 minutes (and that probably won't take me that much time to write either). When needed I will point you to other places to get deeper info, so open your favorite RSS reader and subscribe now and remember to vote through e-mail or leave a message for the topics you would like to read soon here.

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