lunes, octubre 26, 2009

SDDN Sydney November Meeting


[NOTE: From now on, we will be publishing all Sydney SDDN info on, please subscribe to the RSS. Starting next month I’ll stop publishing announcements on my blog]

For this month, Justin King will be speaking about RIA Services and Miguel Madero will talk about different Testing Approaches for Silverlight Applications.

As usual we will meet the first Tuesday of the month at the Crown Hotel (map) in 162 Elizabeth Street at 6:00 pm to get some dinner and start the discussion followed by the talks at 6:30 pm.

Please RSVP on Facebook.

.NET RIA Services – Building Data Driven applications in Silverlight 3

Learn how Microsoft is simplifying the traditional n-tier application pattern by bringing together ASP.NET and Silverlight. See the new application framework that removes some of the complexity for connecting to your data layer and see patterns for working with data, implementing reusable and independently testable application logic, ease of client side validation and  see how this relates to other patterns such as MVVM. We are sure this will lead to lots of architecture debates and pros/cons of this framework.

Testing in Silverlight 

At first sight it looks like we don’t have a lot of options to test Silverlight Applications. Although it’s not an easy task, we do have a lot of alternatives. In this demo oriented talk, Miguel will present different approaches, techniques and types of tests from simple Unit Testing and Mocks to Visual Tests, UI Automation, REPL Testing, Performance, Memory Leaks and Recorded Web Tests.

martes, octubre 06, 2009

Geek Events in Sydney


Some people have asked me about making the information about events available. I maintain a separate calendar for Geek Events and I decided to make it public. You can use the following links respectively to subscribe from an RSS Reader, Add it to a Calendar App or just view the page in HTML. For more information about the links read this page.

This is the embedded version of the calendar.

Keep in mind that ATM this is just my personal list of events, it certainly doesn’t represent everything going on in Sydney. Please feel free to suggest me new events.

sábado, octubre 03, 2009

SDDN Sydney October Meeting – Tools


This month we’ll have three talks about tools.

As usual we will meet the first Tuesday of the month (October 6th) at the Crown Hotel (162 Elizabeth St). We’ll get there at 6:00 pm to start some open discussions and get a meal, to go on with the talks from 6:30 to 8:30 and then continue with the Networking part of the event.

Please confirm your assistance through the mail list ( or the facebook group.