domingo, agosto 23, 2009

SDDN Sydney September Meeting - Lightning talks


For our September meeting we will do some lightning talks. You can't miss it. These are some of the talks we'll have.

  • Expression Design – Lee Goodaman
  • Rx Framework – Ali Shafai
  • Debugging Memory Leaks – Miguel Madero
  • Dashboards – Chris Anderson
  • Html-XAML Converter - (not confirmed)
  • New Network Stack – Paul Glavich
  • Silverlight with Azure – David Burela
  • Flex - (not confirmed)

The best is that we can still make some room for yours. Lightning talks can be the perfect opportunity for virgin speakers to have a quickie without worrying for having to prepare for an hour long performance. Experienced presenters will definitely have something to say and 10 minutes is the perfect time to deliver a Wow demo.

If you want to speak, just leave comment, reply in the mailing list or shoot me an email. If you’re not sure of what to speak about we can bounce some ideas.

  • Validations
  • Behaviours
  • Using Blend
  • Sketchflow
  • Designer/Developer Workflow
  • Games
  • MVVM
  • Animations
  • Making your app look good
  • Testability
  • Architecture
  • Design Tips
  • Integrating Silverlight with non-.NET Backends
  • Making money with Silverlight
  • Scaling RIA Applications
  • RIA Services
  • Debugging in Silverlight
  • Finding and Avoiding Memory Leaks
  • Tools for Silverlight
  • The coolest thing that you found last week
  • Creating iPhone apps using MonoTouch and Silverlight

As always, we’ll see you on the first Tuesday of the month (September 1st) at the Crown Hotel. Try to get there early and leave late. The talks start at 6:30, but we meet half hour before to get some beers and have a chat. After the presentations we usually have dinner and discuss further the topics of the day.

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