miércoles, julio 22, 2009

Silverlight Designer and Developer Network Sydney - August Meeting

This month Jose Fajardo from Cynergy Systems will talk on “Don't lose site of what's important, Interactivity and Experience” at the Crown Hotel. Here are all the details:

Crown Hotel
162 Elizabeth St
August 4th. 6:00 pm for drinks, 6:30 for the talk
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If you are interested in a particular topic or have any suggestions for future meetings, please let us know.

Here are the details of the talk.

Don't lose site of whats important, Interactivity and Experience
by Jose Fajardo

Patterns, Frameworks, MVVM, Prism, MEF, these are all great aides to helping us deliver a RIA solutions, BUT what they all lack is a designers perspective. Experience has shown me that the majority of a project is spent in xaml and creating interactivity through animations and styling. The view model is lean and clean BUT the view layer through evolutions of the WPF/Silverlight technology has gotten much heavier and more complex. I want to walk through with you the new features in SL and Blend from the perspective of bring order to the chaos in our view layer, and in so doing helping extend our frameworks to be relevant for designers.