lunes, junio 29, 2009

Silverlight Designer and Developer Network Sydney - July Meeting

This month Ali Shafai will talk on Silverlight, Prism and Unity and Miguel Madero will do a mini presentation on a less attractive, but important topic, Security in Silverlight at the Crown Hotel. Here are all the details:

Crown Hotel
162 Elizabeth St
July 7th. 6:00 pm
Use the registration tool on the top of the SDDN Site.

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Silverlight, Prism and Unity
The holy trinity
by Ali Shafai

Ali will be building a LOB application with Silverlight 3 using prism (with MVVM) and will be showing how to use Unity to inject the dependencies into your classes. The application will have the skeleton of a minimal prism application.

I will also share some of my findings on more advanced topics such as:

  • dynamically creating views
  • region managers and how to use them
  • best practices on wiring events
  • loading essential data before application loads
  • showing a splash screen while the essential data is being loaded
  • tricks on styling your controls beyond what you thought possible
  • How to break the application into smaller assemblies

Ali Shafai started programming a few months before he could touch a computer, during this time, he was the programmer, the program and the computer. Then he got his hands to real computers and learned COBOL, PL/I, BASIC, C, Prolog, X86 Assembly, C++, Object Pascal, C# and Python in that exact order. He can still remember the first program he wrote and the joy he felt writing it. He moved to Sydney in 2001, was introduced to XP, TDD, CI and some other acronyms. In 2004 the company he was working for (EDI) won the 2004 Consensus Software Award and Microsoft Realizing Potential Award, he then joined forces with Chris Anderson and Mark Wallis and formed Peer Placements, a software talent management company. He is still enjoying programming and does freelance software development. His latest joy is Silverlight/Prism/Unity.

Security in Silverlight
by Miguel Madero

Miguel will show in several demos different Application Security concerns specific to Silverlight Applications commonly overlooked. He will teach us how to avoid being hacked and protect our data with some basic tips. These are some of the topics covered in this lightning talk:

  • Common Hacking Techniques
  • Security as an Aspect
  • End to end data protection
  • UI Level Security
  • Authentication Mechanisms
  • Authorization and User Context
  • Service Level Security

Miguel has been programming for fun for the last 15 years when he realized that it was better to play with QBasic and Pascal than Prince of Persia. He found out that he could actually get some money out of this hobby so he started a couple of web companies 5 years later and then a Development Shop before moving to Australia to work for Readify where he’s now having fun coding some of the coolest projects in Australia. He discovered Silverlight two years ago and it’s still keeping him busy and entertained.