viernes, julio 18, 2008

Professional Visual Studio 2008 is almost


In March of this year, Nick Randolph invited me as a guest author of Professional Visual Studio 2008 from Wrox. I wrote only 5 chapters, all about Team System (Server, Dev, Tester, Architect and DB Pro), it was tough, but was a great experience. I thought writing a few pages of topics I know would be easier, but being the first time I write something formal and amongst other projects, courses and all the VISA paperwork for Australia it was hard to get the time. Writing at 2:00 am was fun, more than correcting the mistakes the next morning. I'm really glad Nick invited me.

We are getting closer to its release date (July 28th). You can preorder it now on Amazon, read the table of contents or read more about this on a post from Dave Gardner or visit the book's webpage. I hope you like it. 

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