miércoles, enero 30, 2008

Updated MEDC 2006 Hands On Labs for Mobile Client Software Factroy

Here's the update.

The original HOL was designed for drop 12 of the MCSF and there were some namespace chages by the final version. All projects should be working by now, we have used them several times.

This version targets VS05, if you open it on VS08 consider the following:

  • You wont be able to use the guidance and do HOL 4 for Orientation Aware.
  • When prompted to update just leave the projects in .NET 2.0 (there is no easy way to change that back if you upgrade them to 3.5).
  • You will need to replace the dlls in dlls/MobileSoftwareFactory with the ones in dlls/MobileSoftwareFactory08. The main difference is now Mobile.DataAccess.dll uses SqlServer CE 3.5 instead of 3.0.3600.0. This is important, even tough it compiles you will have troubles at runtime.
  • Sometimes you might need to upgrade the sdf file manually.

Next month we will be releasing on CodePlex an updated version of MCSF that works with VS08, except for OrientationAwareControl. Clarious Consulting is planning an update for their OAC which you could use instead.

I didn't write the HOLs, I'm just making the update we used internally available, anyway, if you have some trouble it might be something we already ran into, so please leave a post on the Mobile Blocks at Codeplex or leave me a message here.

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